English/English Drama/Spanish/German/French teaching jobs

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English/English Drama/Spanish/German/French teaching jobs

Native or non-native English teachers needed, provided with Z-VISA! English teaching or managing positions in Beijing 北京,Tianjin天津


First, thank you for your attention to this message. Hopefully, you find a desirable job in our schools.

Currently, we have some full-time jobs in kindergartens, training schools and public schools, near Shangdi 上地on line 13, near Wukesong 五棵松 on line 1, near China International Exhibition Center Station(国展) on line 15, near Changpingdongguan 昌平东关 on Changping line, near Wangjing 望京on line 13, near Shilihe 十里河on line 10, near Guanzhuang 管庄 on Batong line, near Changchunqiao on line 10, or in Shunyi顺义 district, Chaoyang朝阳 district and Miyun密云 district or in Tianjin 天津 and Chengdu 成都, some of which need to be filled immediately, while some of which will start the next semester, in September, provided with Z-VISA.

We also have part-time English/English Drama/Spanish/German/French teaching jobs in different areas of Beijing.


1. Native or non-native English speakers with good accent

2. Enjoy teaching and willing to share their knowledge as well as cultures to students.

3. Having teaching experience in a training school is preferred

4. Excellent communication skills

Job description:

1. Work hours: five working days and two days off depending on the type of schools

2.  Paid Chinese legal holidays

3. Provide working visa assistance

4. Rate: 10000-18,000 RMB Per Month depending on teachers’ experience, Education Background and the type of schools

For more details, please contact me.


Mobile: Simona 18511947491

E-mail: ican_simona@163.com

WeChat: 18511947491

Thank you for your time. We are looking forward to your joining our team.