Tianjin Part-time Jobs for Foreigners

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ūüá®ūüá≥Tianjin Part Time Job opportunity for¬†Foreigners¬†ūüá®ūüá≥ ūüĒīJob #1 ‚úÖLocation: Anshanxidao ťěćŚĪĪŤ•ŅťĀď, Nankai district ‚úÖ Type of Institute: Training Center ‚úÖSchedule: Every Monday and Wednesday 18:00pm-19:00pm ‚úÖStudent Age: 5-7 years old. ‚úÖStart from: Immediately ūüĒīJob #2 ‚úÖLocation: Anshanxidao ťěćŚĪĪŤ•ŅťĀď, Nankai district ‚úÖ Type of Institute: Training Center ‚úÖSchedule: Every Friday 17:45pm-20:00pm ‚úÖStudent Age: 5-7 years old. … Continue reading Tianjin Part-time Jobs for Foreigners

Jobs in China Qingdao for Foreigners Foreign¬†Teacher¬†Needed¬†in¬†Qingdao American.Canada.Australia Brand¬†Introduction:¬†the¬†school¬†is¬†dedicated¬†to¬†provide¬†children¬†from¬†age¬†3¬†to¬†12¬†with¬†professional¬†and¬†top¬†English¬†training.¬†The¬†school¬†adopts¬†model¬†of¬†small¬†class¬†(not¬†more¬†than¬†12¬†students)¬†taught¬†by¬†Chinese¬†and¬†foreign¬†teachers.   Address:¬†Licang¬†District & Shinan District¬† Qingdao.   Job¬†description: – Teach¬†group¬†classes¬†with¬†provided¬†teaching¬†materials – Age¬†of¬†students:¬†3-12years¬†old – Class¬†size:¬†no¬†more¬†than¬†12¬†students   Requirements: – Native¬†English¬†speaker – Age:¬†23-45 – Qualification:¬†Bachelor¬†degree¬†or¬†above – Vacuum¬†position:¬†3   Salary¬†and¬†Benefits: – Monthly¬†salary¬†range¬†is¬†from¬†12000-16000¬†based¬†on¬†qualifications¬†and¬†experience¬†. – Visa:¬†working¬†visa¬†provided – Entitled¬†Public¬†holidays – Rest¬†day:¬†two¬†days¬†per¬†week(can¬†not¬†be¬†on¬†Saturday¬†and¬†Sunday) Start¬†date:¬†ASAP   Contact¬†info: Lily.Wang, Email:1097567047@qq.com ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† WeChatÔľö1097567047 … Continue reading Jobs in China Qingdao for Foreigners¬†

English teacher needed urgently in Tianjin city-China Expat Jobs in Tianjin Number of vacancies: 15, Salary: 11-18k Student age: 3-8 years old Class size: 10-18 students/class Off days: Saturday&Sunday Accommodation provided, Visa Provided BA needed, European can apply, Russian&Serbian&Ukrainian preferred WeChat: ohmyvii

Tianjin Expat Job

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ūüďćTianjin city:Mamalook English School ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†European teacher !!!!! We are looking a full time English Teacher 1‚É£ÔłŹūüĎ®ūüŹę children age around 3-12. 2‚É£ÔłŹ20hours one week¬† ¬† 10000.rmb. 3‚É£ÔłŹWe offer single apartment. If you are interested with it, you could add¬† ASAP WeChat ID: suriya295

English/English Drama/Spanish/German/French teaching jobs

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English/English Drama/Spanish/German/French teaching jobs Native or non-native English teachers needed, provided with Z-VISA! English teaching or managing positions in Beijing ŚĆóšļ¨ÔľĆTianjinŚ§©śī• Hello, First, thank you for your attention to this message. Hopefully, you find a desirable job in our schools. Currently, we have some full-time jobs in kindergartens, training schools and public schools, near Shangdi … Continue reading English/English Drama/Spanish/German/French teaching jobs